Friday, October 9, 2015

Skin Sensation's Witchazel Toner & Magique Potion Review

It's been a while since my last review. Got a little bit hectic since I got a job and since I got my new pet cal Pollux (please give this to me!). I had no more time to write about everything but still can find the time to use and try everything my sponsors sent me. Anyway, this set was given to me 4 weeks ago by my forever generous sponsor Fash & Fab Fashion Diaries . Yup, it really took me 4 weeks to write a review. But anyway, at least it's here! And I can't wait any longer to share my experience with you.
Let me start with the toner.
Skin Sensation Witchazel toner
Price: P150
Amount: 60mL
(Photo by Skin Sensation)

Description: This amazing toner leaves nothing behind! It removes excess oils from skin and shrinks down pores & prevents acne and blemishes. An oil-free, non-drying, superior toner that is suitable for all skin types.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Gluta Check Soap Review

By today, it's officially my 6th (almost 7th) week of using whitening products on my skin. Yes, I have never used ordinary soaps since I got my first sponsored whitening soap. I cannot say that the products didn't work because they did! They did whiten my skin a lot. But it can never be enough. My goal is to match my face skin color to the rest of my body and I am still on my way to it. By the way, I know you guys have heard of the very famous Thailand whitening soaps. They're almost everywhere! And I myself once wanted to have and try at least one bar and luckily, here it is! I'm lucky enough to have been sponsored by some Thai products by Maria's Online Shop.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Giveaway: Flawless Beauty Online x Dive In Pastels Race to 1,000

Hello girls! I, together with Flawless Beauty Online, is having a giveaway. Get a chance to win lots of beauty products worth P1,000 when Flawless Beauty Online reaches 1,000 followers in Instagram. Head over to my Instagram account to know more about this giveaway but for your convenience, here are the full mechanics. ♥