Monday, August 3, 2015

Skin Sensations's Bleach Me Not Soap Review

Who would not want whiter skin? I have always been told that I don't need anymore whitening products because I already have fair skin, but if you will observe, I have really different shade of skin on my face and body compared to my arms. My arms are really really dark. I guess it is caused by the heat especially during the afternoon. I am not an umbrella girl, never was. I only use them when it's raining. I also blame my P.E. sport back when I was in second year college which is footballl. I swear it caused me too much dark skin. I even experienced having a darker forehead compared to any other parts of my face. Dude, I swear it is so embarrassing. Good thing I managed to bring back the fairness of my face and make the skin tone look even again. I am also guilty of neglecting my arms and legs when it comes to putting on body moisturizers such as lotions and body oils making my skin really dry.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Natura Organics LIP-EYES-CHEEK- All Around Balm

Sometimes, we have no choice but to choose between color and moisture when it comes to lip products. Lipsticks can sometimes be too drying especially matte finish lipsticks so what we usually do is we moisturize our lips first with lip balm then wipe off then put the lipstick. I know several brands of lip balm which are tinted but doesn't give enough color. Recently, I discovered this product which gives you the color opacity of a lipstick yet gives you the moisturizing effect of a lip balm.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Nature Essentials Lip & Cheek Tint Review

No words can express my love for lip and cheek tints. Since I entered high school until today, it's always my favorite cosmetic product. I can't live without lip tint. I have tried a lot of  brands and kinds including tube type, those with doe foot applicator, magic lipsticks and even lip tattoos. There are products that I love, there are products that I ditched. But no matter what brand that is, I will always be glad to them just as long as they're lip tints.